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Новинка Ноябрь 2020 г .:

Стандартный двухместный номер с завтраком

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Wien's süßeste Seite!
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  • Kaffee und Mehlspeise
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Dear guests!

Вам нужно поехать в Вену по делам!
Деловые путешественники, мастера, слесари - все, у кого есть бизнес в Вене.
Мы по-прежнему открыты для вас и ждем вашего визита

We implement the following measures for a pleasant stay with us:

Breakfast buffet: We offer our Viennese breakfast buffet with self-service. Please disinfect your hands beforehand. If desired, you can also use disposable gloves.

Our rooms are cleaned thoroughly as usual, after departure the room will be disinfected completely. Critical points such as TV remote controls, door + window handles, soap dispenser in the bathroom, toilet, light switches etc.) are disinfected.

In addition, we have no decorative pillows and blankets, no decorative objects or room folders.

Viruses and other pathogens become inactive on many surfaces and textiles by themselves after a while, which increases safety.

For security reasons for our staff and our guests, there will be no automatic daily room cleaning during the stay.

On request, we are happy to clean the room every day.

Please ask at the reception or housekeeping if you want to have your room cleaned. Towels will be changed on a daily basis.

You can get the disinfected room key at the reception, where a partition made of plexiglass ensures your protection.

Contact points in the public areas are regularly disinfected by our employees.

We kindly ask you to adhere to the following rules:

Keep a minimum distance of 1 meter from employees or other people.

Use the disinfection options offered when entering the reception area and wash your hands as often as possible.

If you show any signs of illness, please call the reception and stay in the room until a doctor arrives (public hotline 1450)

If required, you can also get a disposable mask at the reception.

You have to wear masks (no faceshields) in the following areas:

Public transport and the station area, pharmacies and all health facilities, all shops, restaurants: guests now have to wear mouth and nose protection in restaurants too. The mouth and nose protection can be removed at the table. Masks are required at outdoor markets and fairs.  

We take care of each other!




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