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Jänner und Februar 2023 

January and February 2023

gültig am Sonntag, Montag, Dienstag und Mittwoch 

valid on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

  • Einzelzimmer inklusive reichhaltiges Frühstücksbuffet 
  • Singleroom - breakfast included 

         zum Preis von EUR 93,00 /at the rate of EUR 93,00

  • Doppelzimmer inklusive reichhaltiges Frühstücksbuffet
  • Doubleroom - breakfast included

         zum Preis ab EUR 109,00 / starting at the rate of EUR 109,00

 Dieses Angebot ist beschränkt buchbar und es können keine weiteren Reduktionen gewährt werden.This offer is subject to availabilty and no other reductions will apply. 

In the best location;
Unique and chic in the heart of Vienna

AVIANO Boutique Hotel - in the center of Vienna is the ideal starting point for opera and concert lovers; city visitors, business travelers and shopaholics who appreciate elegant, spacious rooms, a warm, TOP service and a fine, hearty breakfast buffet.

Stephansdom is the standout landmark of Vienna. Construction began in the 12th century and today is the most important Gothic building in Austria. Just as fascinating underground with its catacombs as it is above ground: a must see.

Reachable from AVIANO Boutique Hotel:
2 minutes walk down Kärntnerstraße

Foto ©WienTourismus / MAXUM   Bildtext:  Stephansdom: Winter

The Vienna State Opera is one of the few first class opera addresses in the world, with top productions at the highest niveau with a daily changing program: over 50 operas and ballet works are performed across 300 days per year.

Reachable from AVIANO Boutique Hotel:
1 minute walk along the Kärntnerstraße
© WienTourismus / Christian Stemper   Bildtext:  Wiener Staatsoper

The Music Society is Vienna's most famous center for classical music excellence. To experience a concert here is to get to know the very music of Vienna, the epicenter of world classical music and at the highest standard, such as with the Vienna Philharmonic. Reachable from AVIANO Boutique Hotel: About 10 minutes walking distance along the Ringstrasse or 1 station with the tram stop, opposite the opera house.

Foto ©WienTourismus / Lois Lammerhuber   Bildtext:  Musikverein: Neujahrskonzert

The Albertina has not only one of the largest and most valuable graphic collections in the world but, also presents masterpieces of classical modernism with its collection "Monet to Picasso". As the onetime largest Habsburg residence, the Albertina, on the southern tip of the Hofburg, sits on one of the last remains of the basement walls of Vienna.
Reachable from AVIANO Boutique Hotel:
About 2 minutes walk over the Tegetthofgasse and then across the Albertina square Foto ©WienTourismus _ Lois Lammerhuber   Bildtext-  Museen- Albertina

Until 1918, the Hofburg was the center of the giant empire of the Habsburg emperors. They have magnificently redesigned the area, once generously designed as "Kaiserforum" - from the "Alten Burg" from the 13th century to the most recent part dating back to 1900. Today, you will find here more than two dozen collections of world format. There are also cafés, restaurants, squares and parks. Welcome to the imperial foray through history, art & pleasure ... Welcome to the Hofburg.

Reachable from AVIANO Boutique Hotel:
3 min. Footpath over Gluckgasse, Augustinerstrasse
©WienTourismus / Lois Lammerhuber   Bildtext:  Hofburg: Neue Burg, Heldenplatz, Reiterstandbild Prinz Eugen

With its beautifully maintained gardens, the City Park also offers you an ideal place for a special souvenir photo- at the foot of the golden Johann Strauss monument, which is one of the worlds most photographed monuments.

Reachable from AVIANO Boutique Hotel:
Over the Johannesgasse, past the Literaturmuseum - across the Ring directly at the Stadtpark
Foto ©WienTourismus _ Willfried Gredler-Oxenbauer   Bildtext-  Johann Strauss- Stadtpark

[Translate to English:] Boutiquehotel Wien Zentrum

Schönbrunn Palace

The baroque attraction. Offers several sights, with a magical parkland, palm house, gloriette and the oldest still existing, zoo in the world. The zoo has a strong emphasis on animal welfare and conservation and as such has undergone excellent development over the years.

Reachable from AVIANO Boutique Hotel:
With the U4 from the Karlsplatz direction Hütteldorf - station Schönbrunn and then walk 3 minutes to the main entrance.
Foto © WienTourismus _ Peter Rigaud   Bildtext-  Schloss Schönbrunn

[Translate to English:] Pension Wien Zentrum

Belvedere Palace

Visit Gustav Klimt's legendary painting "The Kiss" and the important works by Schiele and Kokoschka. And look forward to the splendor of the baroque palace and its extensive garden. Reachable from AVIANO Boutique Hotel: With the tram D - station opposite the Staatsoper - 2 stops to Belvedere station, or on foot via the Ring, Schwarzenbergplatz and Rennweg to the entrance to the Lower Belvedere

©WienTourismus _ MAXUM   Bildtext-  Museen- Belvedere

[Translate to English:] Pension nahe Kunsthistorischem Museum

Musuem of fine Arts

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum of Vienna is among the best in the world with its 30 million collection of objects. For the extensive collections of the imperial house, the Kunsthistorisches Museum was built near the Hofburg. With its collection of major works and the world's largest Bruegel collection, famous for his version of The Tower of Babel, it is today one of the most important art collections in the world. Reachable from AVIANO Boutique Hotel: Walk about 15 minutes, Tegetthofstrasse, over Albertinaplatz, through the Burggarten Park Mozart monument, along the ring and then cross the ring at the hero's gate. Or take the tram 1, 2, D or 71 / station in front of Hotel Bristol am Ring, 2 stations

Foto ©WienTourismus _ MAXUM   Bildtext-  Museen- Kunsthistorisches Museum

[Translate to English:] Frühstückspension Zentrum Wien

Wiener Prater / Ferris wheel

Fairground for many, place of nostalgic dreams for some, green oasis for almost all - and location of the Riesenrad, one of the most famous Viennese landmarks. The Viennese Prater has a season from March to October. The world-famous Riesenrad and some other attractions are open all year round.

Reachable from AVIANO Boutique Hotel:
With the U1 from Stephansplatz 3 stations to Prater

Foto © WienTourismus _ Christian Stemper   Bildtext-  Wiener Prater, Riesenrad

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